Changing Blue Sky , Bloemendaal, Autumn 2018 , Holland

The sky is filled with quick changing clouds and colors.

On the right (the landside) it's still blue. But from the NW (Northsea) there's a cloudy overcast coming our way.


The equipment is on its place. Found a spot. 

I'm gonna set up the easel now

and start a new painting.  I'm really looking forward to this afternoon.


It's such a pleasure to be here, out on the filed. On this beautiful beach!


The exact location is between IJmuiden and Bloemendaal at Sea.

The coast of Holland.


There is a lot of difference between the tides.

At LOW TIDE the actual beach is broad. The reason is that there's not so much difference in height. So 3-4 feet of water covers the whole beach. When it's stormy, the water of the sea reached the foot of the dunes.


On my painting the LOW TIDE has began, so there is a lot of sand to paint ;)





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