About Marco

july 20th  1962    Velsen, The Netherlands




At his twenties he sailed around the world, and saw a lot of nature's beauty!


Now he is a painter and likes to go out on the field with Nature itself as his studio.



Living in the centre of Holland; in Haarlem, a town near Amsterdam.

A nice location, because all the spots are there;

The yello-greenish dunes, The green-blue Northsea and the Wonderful bluish skies. Locations already been discovered in the 18th century by famous Dutch painters

like Gabriël, Ruisdael, Roelofs, Weissenbruch, Mesdag, and other members of


'De Haagse school'  (Hague School).


An art movement  (1860-1900) whereby painters went into the open air to paint.

(Realistic) Light, Color and Atmosphere where the most important items in their work.

It can all be seen in the musea in The Netherlands. (It's worth seeing it!).